Merlin Systems


The right solution at the right time is our primary goal. Sometimes all that is needed is another set of eyes to review a problem from a different perspective.

Another Set of Eyes

Perhaps the solution is to measure in a different way the key parameters that define the issues… plus have some fun along the way.

Measuer Differently

At Merlin Systems & Solutions we have found that our efforts are greatly enhanced if we keep in mind three simple ideas.

  • * 80 / 20 Rule – 80% of the results is due to 20% of the effort.
  • * Occam's Razor – The Simpler Explanation is Usually Right.
  • * Keep things as Simple as Possible, But no Simpler.
Simple Ideas

The judicious use of these rules together with common sense, years of experience, hard work and a willingness to find the "Devil in the Details" allow the solving of tough problems. Using these primary ideas a nearly infinite variety of solutions are made possible. It is also important to recognize that many "technical problems" are actually "people problems" hiding behind the technology.