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Cybersecurity is a people problem. Most data breaches are due to human error.


People make mistakes. The reasons include improper training, carelessness, fatigue, ineffective safeguards, and poorly designed systems just to name a few. Hackers are working ceaselessly to create situations through social engineering to take advantage of a random weakness in your defenses. They only have to be successful tricking one of your employees in an outlier situation. Your organization, on the other hand, must never make a mistake. The odds are grossly in favor of the attacker. However, there are non-technical steps that can be taken to greatly decrease the chances of a data breach.

Cybersecurity Data Issues

Given enough time, some type of data breach is practically inevitable. "Things Happen" whether due to hackers or equipment failure. A solid, tested data backup plan is essential. Given the low cost of data storage equipment the primary objective is to make sure the procedures are being followed ALWAYS. A "live" recovery should also be tested periodically to insure that nothing has been overlooked.